about us

Green Bicycle is a multidisciplinary creative firm with roots in architecture. We are based in Bend, Oregon, but travel everywhere!

We offer full-service residential, furniture, and prototype design services. Our approach to residential design is rigorous, specializing in smaller detail-oriented projects that may be worked from multiple vantage points. We believe that good design and ecological design are synonymous, and resist the current trend of spouting eco-buzzwords at every chance. Our furniture often begins with found objects, and expands on that character with a heavy dose of refined, industrial-strength elegance.

Beautiful architectural and technical illustrations are a natural extension of our design process. We are experts in traditional and digital, offering 3D modeling, rendering and animation services. We can work with you at all stages of your design to help illustrate your concepts to clients, in styles ranging from loose sketches to fully polished large-scale renderings.

What’s with the bicycle name?
The actual green bicycle was received as payment for a design job, and has since risen to fame and glory as our moniker. It’s a reminder that the best solutions are often as simple as possible. We enjoy the chance to get out of the office and be our own bike messenger, and many times are struck with great moments of inspiration on those rides.

We’d love to hear from you, and look forward to helping you express your ideas!